Monday, November 8, 2010

Mud Rooms

Sarah's House

It's that time of year again where if we don't have a mud room ...we wish we did.

It won't be long before the rain's finally hit and the mud starts making it's way into the old farmhouse.

Here on the farm we have a mud room of sorts.
It's not much to look at and it needs a LOT of work
but it does a pretty good job of
catching the bulk of the dirt before it hits the kitchen
and the rest of the house.

Our mud room (it doesn't always look this neat)

One of the prettiest mudrooms I've seen was on
Sarah's House on HGTV. Have you seen it?
If not...she's a designer who bought an old
farmhouse in the country and completely gutted it.
She then ..along with her partner re-designed and
decorated the interior.

Here are a few photo's of that mudroom
and a few more that are to die for.

Sarah's beautiful mudroom/entry

Oh how I wish our mud room was this big!
I LOVE how Sarah has made the new interiors
look like they've been this way since the house was built.
They look so warm and inviting.

I love the country accents...but then I LOVE
Country Cottage!
Do you like that splash of red?
I do.

I love what Sarah used for the base for her sink
in the mudroom/entry bathroom.
I'm still searching for just the right vanity base for our
bathroom as I decided to use that beautiful oak dresser in our bedroom and the other one I had in
mind is just a bit too low even if we put the bowl on top.
So the search continues.

Here's a few more mud rooms for you.

I love the windows and the bench
and of course all the shelves.

Such a nice bright room.
Love those hanging pendant lights!

I love the old world charm of this room
especially the beadboard.

I need a bench like this...but then I need a bigger mud room!

This combination of the bench and the coat rack
with shelves is exactly what I'm looking for
to put in our mud room.
I think I'd put seasonal footwear in those baskets
under the bench.

Do you have a mudroom?

Have a great week.

Maura :)


Heritage Farm Village said...

maura, i love mud rooms but for some reason our plans did not include one when we built our home. that bench really caught my eye, would love to have one! your mud room is so nice! mine would be a complete mess if i had one with all of our dogs and cats. have a great monday! farm girl jill

Sherri said...

Maura, the pictures you showed us of mud rooms are great!! I have always had a mud room except in the house we are renting now and I really miss it. When we had our farm, the mud room was essential!

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Maura,
We don't have a mud room, but I would love to. Such great examples of the best here. I love them all.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Great inspiration for mud rooms! I think your mudroom is just perfect too! We have a mud room, and actually I'm pretty happy with it (you won't hear me say that about much in our poor ol' house.. lol). Thanks for the inspiration! I love the blue glass pendant lights in that one photo... (swoon!) -Tammy

bj said...

I don't have a mud room...never gave it much thought....UNTIL NOW...bwaaaaaaa...I want a mud room, too.

Actually, with a long entry hall, tiled, and a bench there, I can call my ENTRY hall a MUD ROOM...what do you think?? lol

The Bear's Blog said...

Dear Friend,

YOUR mud room is wonderful... (o:


Hilary @ Sweet as June said...

with a busy household a mud room is a blessing. we have the three season porch but this time of year the shoes and coats get too cold and we have to drag them in to heat them up. we have cold feet when we forget!! ;)happy Monday Maura!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sadly no mud room here, just mud ;)
If I could choose, I would pick any one of your pictures, they are all so beautiful.

Lolo said...

Hello sweet Maura! So happy to have found you via my giveaway :) Love how this blogging thing works!! So glad that we are now "friends" and that I know a bit about you :)
I come from a family of five kids too (me and 4 brothers). Im sure you can attest to the fact that its fun and crazy times with 5 kids!
Cant wait to get to know you that farmhouse of yours!!

ps - Sarah's mudroom is in my inspiration file as well - that whole farmhouse she redid was amazing :D

John Gray said...

The first picture is a delightful kitchen!
I would love it!!!
no muddy footprints

Dog Trot Farm said...

Technically I do not have a mud room. I loved your examples, and yes I do like the "red" splash of color. My dream would be a laundry room, I do not need a fancy front loading washer or dryer just to have them on the same floor and out of the cellar would be heaven.

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

You have a cute little mudroom, Maura! Although, I must say that Sarah's mudroom is absolutely exquisite... who wouldn't love to have a mudroom like that! I, too, love pops of red and old world charm. I don't have a mudroom AT ALL in this house. Oh, well. We have a pond, so I won't complain! ; )

Ess D'Ess Bears said...

Never heard of the term before Maura, but I sure do like the idea and those photos are just lovely.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Oh, how I love the mudroom in Sarah's house. We don't officially have a mud room......yet. It's on hubby's to do list for winter. I'm really hoping he gets to it this month, prior to company coming next month. He won't have it done before winter, because it officially arrived today with freezing rain and SNOW. Can you believe it? It's early this year, even for us. The dogs are starting to be intrigued by it but the chickens are not impressed at all. They do, however, like when the snow piles on their fence and they can eat if off. Simple pleasures!
Have a great Monday.

Rural Revival said...

I love Sarah! I've been watching her since the early days of HGTV Canada. I watched the first house she did in Toronto but not the farmhouse. That's one of the things about living in the country with no cable, I miss all the good decorating shows. Thanks for sharing those photos. I love red! Our mudroom is much too small for my liking and the only wall space has a large window, hence no wall space! Just lots of light, which is good too!

Have a great week!
Hugs ~Andrea~

Verde Farm said...

Oh Maura, Sarah's House is my favorite show on HGTV. I dreamed one night that I went to Canada and talked Sarah and Tommy to come to WV and do my house. Oh I wish! The farmhouse she did is my dream home--on the inside anyway. That mudroom is so pretty. Love the red, love the bathroom and love all the country accents and fabrics. Your mudroom is so neat and perfect. I love it! I have a small mudroom and wish it was bigger. I keep telling husband to keep his muddy shoes out of it and he says "what is a mudroom for?" I can't argue with that one :)
Amy xo

Red Gate Farm said...


I too would love a mudroom however with my husband, son and dogs I'm afraid it wouldn't be as pretty as these pictures and would be "true" to it's name!

LOVE Sarah Richardson's shows. I've been watching her since she had her other shows on HGTV. Her last "season" of Sarah's house and the old country house is my favorite. She really "does" beautiful! My daughter is currently living in Toronto and I plan to visit after the first of the year... I told her my goal was to find her studio and meet her... and Tommy too of course!


PS and idea for your dresser/sink issue... I saw this in a magazine, they took an old sink that is meant to be hooked to the wall in the back and supported by metal legs and placed it on a dresser. Since the design of the sink is actually higher it needs to sit on a lower than average surface. My vanity in my bath is actually low and I've been on the look out for an old sink to try this with.

from my front porch... said...

Maura, I love your mud room, too! We a small one, but with 3 dogs, in and out cats, and us~it could stand to be bigger!!

What night is Sarah's House on? I am a confirmed cottage farmhouse girl, too :)

xo, misha

Pondside said...

I've always loved Sarah's ideas and this one is not exception. We don't have a mud room in this house - we come in through the garage - but that's no excuse for not carving some space for a decent everyday entrance.

Catherine said...

No unfortunately we don't have, just a small lobby.I wish i had one, i love the red colour in the first one, the others are very nice too! good day Catherine

Anonymous said...

I love Sarah's mud room especially the red doors! I love red. Ours is long and skinny in our own farmhouse but has the 2 closets and I intend to be a copy cat as much as possible! I hope I can do the painting maybe before Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing all the ideas to inspire and encourage us.
Linda @ bushel and a pickle

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

I've never heard of a mud room before...great idea. Could certainly do with one here! We have a tiny porch for muddy wellies and other footwear. I bring the kids shoes in in the winter to warm them by the stove before they put them on.
This evening I have left your blog open and listened to your lovely play list for a while. Very restful : ) Thank you for the continued inspiration. We did our bathroom! That's how I found your blog in the first place while looking for inspiration. We did it all beachy blue and sandy cream. Still got a couple of bits of furniture to paint then I'll post some photos : )


Love your blog ! I have a mudroom/laundry room. When I was a child on the farm my mum had my dad build her a mud room and insisted us kids go in and out of the mud room as we were always mucky from playing outside or helping dad on the farm! Even once in awhile the odd chicken would wonder in the mudroom just to nose around ! Well mum wouldnt have that lol ! love your photos ! Have a wonderful day ! Oh I am definatly a follower !

Rural Rambler said...

We have a mudroom but it isn't as pretty and as organized as yours. And due to an addition it now has an odd location but it works!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Maura! Sarah's House is my new favorite show on HGTV! I Loved her mud room! Your mud room is nice too. Looks like your husband has as many caps as mine does:) Have a wonderful day! Twyla

Da Momma said...

I watched Sarah's renovation shows on the old farm. She has the same thoughts as you do - both wonderful country charm. I can see your home looking just like hers. Only better! Yours is very "homey" and welcoming. I do like her mud room but love yours with DH's collection of hats. We don't have one but could sure use one. Oh well, renovations always seem to appear here and maybe that will be the next one...enjoy...Love you...Scufty

Joy said...

I love Sarah's mudroom... I think I know who she is, I used to have HGTV, I love her style. That red door is awesome. Mud rooms are so practical and handy, it's fun to make them pretty.

Elizabeth said...

I love the gray walls in that one photo! Maura, do you know the paint brand and name?


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