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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cottage Bathroom Ideas

My dream bathroom! Really!

After spending 3 months working on the old farmhouse just so we could move in...we kind of got burned out on renovations for a while. We still need to do our kitchen and bathroom and laundry room/back porch so I've been getting idea's together just so I'm prepared when Hubby says he's ready to tackle the next project. I doubt very much that will be any time soon which is ok with me as it gives me time to gather my ideas and dreams for each room. Our one existing bathroom is a cozy little thing with two windows which makes it a bright cheery room to be in. Hey if you're going to spend any time in there you may as well have it put you in a good mood...right?! We don't plan on changing the floor plan in there....just put in new floor and fixtures re-do the walls and ceiling and fix some plumbing. As I was searching for ideas I came across a bathroom that has really got me thinking about a master bathroom. Hubby would like to put a second bathroom off our bedroom which is a great idea but I was fine with just one bathroom...that was until I saw this particular bathroom. It is my DREAM bathroom...literally. I had drawn up plans on paper and this photo was nearly exactly like I invisioned the area where the re-glazed claw footed tub would go...seeing the photo really made it real and Hubby was able to get a good visual which he loved! So...one day after everything else is done (which may take years!!) we may just get around to that master bathroom. Can you imagine laying back in that tub with a glass of wine watching the stars....life doesn't get much better than that.

Here's a few other bathrooms that may inspire you.

Country Living

Remember the movie The Holiday?

Love that wooden door to separate the loo a bit

I love pedestal sinks

This one is similar to the first picture. I LOVE the large windows and the vanity is beautiful

Love that sink but I think I'd put a skirt around it in between the legs.
Don't want to cover those beauties up!

Love the ceiling in this bathroom. Like my sisters bathroom in England they only have a
single glass panel at the head of the tub for the shower enclosure...it works!
This is actually a cottage that you can rent for holidays.

I love the window and tub enclosure.

I hope you had fun looking at these bathrooms and even if you don't do any renovations
maybe you'll get a few ideas for your own 'retreat'.
Have a wonderful day!


Melissa Price said...

Love those bathrooms! We had just remodeled the house we moved out of before moving here... and I thought you might like to see the pics. We had a bear claw tub, and we converted a piece of antique furniture (we painted it) into the vanity. I LOVED IT!


We plan to do something similar here. It's affordable to remodel the master bath if you're selective with the materials. We used an old dresser from an flea market, and got the tub on clearance from Lowe's. It was a discontinues item. So was the tile, which we laid ourselves. I love DIY projects! : ) Melissa

Beatnheart said...

all so beautiful!! A pretty bathroom is important...I love a hot buble bath with the candles and the whole bit...sometimes its the only thing that works when you need to totally chill...You could start your search now for a vanity like the one in the picture...I've seen old buffets done as bathroom vanities...the hole is cut out of the top and drawers taken out for the plumbing...wow love your new pics of Olly...how bout some new snaps of darling eyeore...a full body shot! love to you sweet friend..cynthia

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your dream bathroom is just perfect! I've always wanted one of those deep tubs that you can actually sink in to. I love beadboard, too! Such fun to be able to design your own! Have a beautiful day! Twyla

Catherine said...

i love all the bathrooms but your dream one is the best!

Millie said...

I absolutely love the claw footed bathtubs. If only I had room for a bathtub. I guess I'll keep dreaming--thanks for the beautiful ideas to dream about

Shirley said...

I would get to comfy in the tub and fall asleep. My family knows that they have to check on mom because it relaxes me to lay in the hot water and if I am tired enough I do fall asleep. The claw footed tub reminds me of the one that was in my parent's house that was the first one with running water. I don't remember what happen to it when my brother remodeled the farm. We can all dream. I want one of those models that you can wheel a wheelchair in if need to be. Take care.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh how I love those bathrooms....so sweet, aren't they?

Love your bloggie name.. :-)

Warm blessings,

bj said...

I love love love every one of these baths. *sigh
Thanks for sharing the photos...I love looking at pretty rooms, too.
xo bj

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Hopped on over here from Red Pine Woman's blog.

All those bathrooms are lovely.

Pondside said...

I think that a bathroom is a very important room because I am a bath person - as opposed to a shower person. After the veranda, the part of this house that grabbed me was the bathroom off our bedroom. The tub sits in a bay window - I do my best thinking/planning/worrying/reading/chatting with The Great Dane/wine-sipping in that bath. Good luck with yours!

Beatnheart said...

Just checking in...It looks like blogging slows down when the weather gets nicer...it only makes sense..when its cold out we are snugged up inside..hope all is going well...we'll talk soon...c

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

What great photos of bathrooms you've shared. The first photo and the last one are my favorites. I think claw foot tubs are so pretty. I used to live in a 1920's bungalow cottage and always wanted to put a claw foot tub in...someday!

Please stop by my blog...I'm having my first giveaway...a $100 gift certificate to my online shop, English Transferware.

Have a great weekend,


Janean said...

i'll take one of each! lol.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hmm...we are redecorating our bathroom next week and I just Googled 'Cottage bathrooms' and it led me here : )Lovely blog. Thanks for the inspiration.


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